Focus on the goal, press on through the diversions

Sansing McPherson

Sansing McPherson

Sansing McPherson, a retired language arts teacher and grammar nerd, describes herself as the poster person for writers who allow other projects to divert them from finishing their first book.

 Now, after ten years of research and writing when the muse struck, she is ready to publish her first novel, Sweat Sisters, about four New Jersey middle school teachers in 2010, sweating their way through an unsettled contract, an aerobics class, and the big M, menopause, while enduring the sting of an aggressive governor (guess who) hostile toward public employees and teachers.

 During that decade she diverted attention to being an Elder and a Deacon at her church and serving six years on the Board of Directors of The Literacy Center, three years as board chair. She is still authors chair for its popular Cooks & Books fundraiser.

 Sansing, longtime secretary of the Island Writers’ Network, and much-appreciated editorial board member for its four anthologies, grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, writing stories about dogs and horses and vowing never to be a teacher. She favored courses in English literature and journalism at Auburn University.

 However, while raising her two children in northern New Jersey, she realized that teaching was what she really wanted to do. After earning a master’s degree in education at Kean University, she began her career as a middle school language arts teacher. She previously had taught writing at the college level.

 In retirement she enjoys traveling with her husband, Terry, scuba diving, yoga, and writing. She was a start-up writer for 101 Things to Do on Hilton Head and is working on her second novel.


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